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  Corona menu Travel and movement dd 06-06-2020  
  Belgium Travel to and from countries European Union including Great Britain, Switzerland and Norway allowed from June 15. Travel from outside Europe to Belgium not yet allowed; no decission yet about change. Will be evaulated with European countries together.  
  Czech Rep.    
  France Border restrictions remain untill June 15. Travel to and from countries European Union will be allowed starting June 15 (if health situation permits this)  
  Great Britain    
  Italy  Travel from and to all European countries is allowed starting June 3 if local health situation permits this.  
  Netherlands Travel to the most of the European countries allowed starting 15 June. Except for Denmark, Great Britain and Sweden. People from outside Europe not yet allowed to enter the Netherlands. Decission about this will be evaluated for whole of Europe and will be updated on June 15.