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    Before and during the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp a number of Information Bulletins will be published. A reference link to these Information Bulletins will also be given on the mobile website.  
    00  Announcement  
    01  Where to find information  
    02  Registration at arrival  
    03  General information  
    04  First Aid at Summercamp  
    05  Ice Training Schedule  
    06  Training Groups  
    07  Mountain Run Information  
    08  Mountain Run Time schedule  
    09  Mountain Run Results on time  
    10  Mountain Run Results per category  
    11  Clinic Bending & Rockers  
    12  Clinic for beginning Starters  
    13  Clinic for beginning Referees  
    14  Clinic for Competitors Stewards  
    15  Biathlon Information  
    16  Biathlon Time Schedule  
    17  Biathlon Startlist  
    18  Biathlon Results  
    19  Overall classification 2 Events  
    20  Tubing Information  
    21  Tubing Time Schedule  
    22  Shorttrack Competition Information  
    22  Overall Results after 3 Events  
    23  Review & Highlights Summercamp