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  The history of the Summercamp started many years ago in Chamonix France. The Club des Sports de Chamonix organised since 1981 an international competition in August the "Trophee Leon Quaglia". The days before this competition it was possible to do some ice training.  
  In 1986 Chamonix organised the World Championships Shorttrack. The summer after the Championships many skaters returned to Chamonix. In the period 1987-1991 more and more skaters came to the competition organised by Emanuel Michon and his father. During that 5 years the Amsterdam Skating Club Jaap Eden with Piet Broekhuizen and his brother Ron were organising the week before the competition their own training camp and supported the Organising Committee where ever necessary.  
  In 1993 the Summercamp got its modern format. Together with the new President of the Chamonix Club Yves Deleglise and Gerard N'Guyen from Meudon the training camp of the Amsterdam Skating Club Jaap Eden was changed into a real Shorttrack Summercamp for skaters from all over Europe. Hereby the Shorttrack competition for the "Trophee Leon Quaglia" and the traditional Closing dinner with "Raclette Grill" was every year the highlighted final of the week.  
  Unfortunately the last edition of the Chamonix Shorttrack Summercamp was held in 2011 after 19 very succesfull years. We have to thank the family Deleglise and Gerard N'Guyen for all those years of great work they did.  
  In 2012 the Summercamp made a new start in Oberstdorf with the support of the volunteers of Shorttrackonline, the help of the Eis Sport Club Oberstdorf and the Sport Office of the City of Oberstdorf. Since then it has grown from 40 skaters and 18 hours of ice to 200 skaters and over 90 hours of Ice time.  
  In 2019 and 2020 the Summercamp was held in a smaller setting due to the Corona measures. But lucky it was possible to continue. The 11th edition in 2022 became a normal one but with a higher number of entries. 190 Skaters from 11 nations came to Oberstdorf  
  The 2023 Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will be the 12the edition in Oberstdorf. The number of entries is with over 200 the highest ever.