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On this page you can find all Banners, Buttons, Logos and Posters for the Masters International Short Track Games 2023 in Amsterdam. You can download these jpg- or pdf-files and use them for your websites, publications and all promotion activities for the Masters Games. Click on the item to go to the page with the high-resolution download picture.

We request all supporters of the MIST Games to help us promoting this event as much as possible and use these downloads in websites and advertisings.


Banner MIST 200x200 px


Banner MIST 940x940 px


Banner MIST 120x214 px


Banner MIST 696x1241 px


Button MIST 200x200 px


Button Mobile 200x355 px


Button MIST 120x214 px


Button MIST 220x392 px


Logo MIST 200x156 px


Logo MIST 900x700 px


Poster MIST A3


Poster MIST 200x283 px


Button ISU 80x80 px


Button IMSSC 120x80 px


Button KNSB 100x80 px


Button ASCJE 178x80 px


Button JE Icerink 80x80 px


Button Amsterdam 107x80 px


Button SOL 367x80 px