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  Jaap Eden Icerink
Radioweg 64
1098 NJ Amsterdam



Bastion Hotel Almere.
Audioweg 1
1322 AT Almere

Lot of free parking. 12 minutes by car to Jaap Eden Ice rink.

 Special offer


  Hospital OLVG-Oost
Oosterpark 9
1091 AC Amsterdam
Tel: 020-5999111
ER 24 hr open. 5 minutes by car from Ice rink.


Amstel Dental
Michael Parunovac
Wibautstraat 172
1091 GR Amsterdam
5 minutes by car from
Jaap Eden Ice rink.

Tel: 0611-441665


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  Schiphol Airport
1118 CP Schiphol

20 minutes by car from Jaap Eden Ice rink. 12 minutes by train.