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Corona Measures Summercamp
  Check before departure from home if you are allowed to travel to the Germany and Oberstdorf and if you are free of the Corona virus.

Check regulations about travel, vaccination, testing and quarantaine.

In Germany additional local rules can be obligated.

In Germany and Oberstdorf everybody has to wear a FFP2 face mask in all shops, at Gas Stations, Restaurants (until you sit at your table), Public buildings, Public Transport and also the Ice rink.

In Open air people must stay at a distance of each other of 1,5 meter. If the 1,5 meter is not possible in groups a face mask must be worn.

Sitting at a table together is only allowed for a family or household living together (here in Oberstdorf) in the same building, Camper or camping.

Sitting in a restaurant or at a terras at a table and need to go to the toilet, you have to put your face mask on again untill you are back at your own table.

Besides the skaters also family is allowed to go into the Ice rink during the training sessions; but we request the parents to not come all together but come with as less as possible persons.

All skaters and family entering the building have to wear a FFP2 face mask all the time that they are in the building. Skaters are allowed to take off the face mask when they go on the ice.

If the Ice rink staff see people in the building not wearing a face mask they will order that person to leave the building and are not allowed in anymore for the rest of the week!

Before the training session people enter through the main entrance of the Ice rink. In the Ice rink the training groups and family of that group are not allowed to mix up with other groups. The 1st training group goes to the RIGHT side of the Ice, the 2nd group goes to the LEFT side of the Ice and the 3th group goes again to the RIGHT side. Family of the skaters go also to the appointed side of the Ice and stay there the whole training session.

After the training session NOBODY leaves the building through the main entrance: from hall-1 people leave though the backdoor and from Hall-3 people leave through the small door in the corner at the garden side

While leaving the building through the seperate exit people have to wear their face mask again untill back outside into the Open air.

Reporting Procedure
  In all cases of sickness or Ilness, questions about Corona or requests for a test ALWAYS contact the Corona coordinator of the Summercamp first and immidiatelly! Do not come to the Ice rink but stay in your hotel or appartment. The Corona coordinator will advice about the next steps or making an appointment for a test.  
Corona coordinator Summercamp
  Mr. Folkert Brouwers: 0031-614-323009  
Corona Test Station Oberstdorf
  From monday 08.00 untill friday 12.00 hr:

Dr. Jan Tauscher
Rechberg Strasse 7
Tel: 0049-8322-98420

  From friday 12.00 untill monday 08.00 hr:

Contact the medical on duty service all day and night:

Tel: 0049-116117