Oberstdorf Shorttrack
Summercamp 2018
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Welcome to the website of the  Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp.

In 2019 the summercamp will take place from saturday 3 August untill saturday the 10th of  August.

On this website we will give you all information about the summercamp, the activities which will be held and the region of Oberstdorf. Please check this website regularly for new information.

We hope you will have a wonderful week in Oberstdorf.






mobile website
  Video Oberstdorf in summer

Video Oberstdorf in winter

Video Oberstdorf Mountainbike

Video Nebelhorn Bahn


Attending skaters 2018: 171 skaters from 40 clubs out of 12 countries
Attending to the ISU seminar for ISU-starters: 22 ISU starters, from 14 countries

Daily program and Urgent messages
 will be given on the mobile website




* * *  The Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2018 is at its end -  we would like to thank all people who supported this event   * * *