Golden Sun Award
Silver M for Masters

  The Golden Sun Award and Silver M for Masters is an Overall Classification over a serie of International Club competitions in Shorttrack.

The intention of the Golden Sun Award and the Silver M is to promote among Shorttrack skaters to compete in these competitions and to give the excitement of a special honour to the skaters with an Overall Classification with nice awards.

The competitions belonging to the Golden Sun Award and Silver M are of a high standard with an Organising Club with many years of experience.

The competitions have the following standards:

- held over 2 or 3 days
- skaters in Club teams not in National teams
- age categories Junior A-B-C-D-E-F, Seniors and Masters
- competitions are held mainly in all final system
- skaters have at least 3 races per day
- relay for club-teams is held if time available
- if possible Photofinish, Video Replay and Livestream video
- competition awards individual and club classification

Clubs organising a Golden Sun Award and Silver M competition contribute to the Overall Classification of the whole serie of competitions. Sponsors will also contribute in order to make is an attractive Overall Classification.

The Overall award presentation of the Golden Sun Award and Silver M for Masters will be held at the last competition of the serie. The Overall Classification will be published on the website