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   Last  update: 18-08-2018 -23.00hr

Urgent messages

23. The results of the Mountainrun, Inline Triathlon and points after 2 events are now available on the page RESULTS of this website.
22. Next years Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will take place from saturday 3 August until saturday 10 August. We hope to see you all back again next year.
21. The Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp is at its end. We hope you all enjoyed your stay in Oberstdorf. We would like to thank all the volunteers who helped during the week with all activities. The last results will be published tomorrow on the website.
20. For the Closing Dinner at Zorans the doors wil open at 20.00 hr. Only people with a Closing Dinner ticket are allowed in the restaurant. The award presentation will take place around 21.40 hr.
19. We need some volunteers to run the heatbox during the competition. If you can do this please inform us during the warm-up period.
18. Urgent request we need as many as possible volunteers to help setting up the competition padding before we start with the warm-up. Please help us.
17. The Time schedule Tubing is delayed with 30 minutes for the whole day. Please tell it to a much as possible people! New schedule will be published in a few minutes.
16. The Competition program for the Shorttrack competition has been published now on the page LIVE of the website Shorttrackonline.info
15. The results Inline Triathlon are now available on the Page Results of this website.
14. On thursday a special meeting will be held for all (club) coaches and people who are interested in de NEW ISU RULES. This meeting will take place at 18.00 hr in de backroom of Zoran's restaurant.
13. The schedule for the Tubing in the Erdinger Arena is now published on the page Program of this website. Please be in time to enter the museum. Supporters who also bought a tubing ticket go with the group of their skater. Dont forget to bring your Tubing ticket and helmet!
12. We are looking for skaters who are not competing in the shorttrack competitions and/or family with skates, who can be on the ice as track steward during the shorttrack competition on friday and saturday. Please give us a message if you are available for this.
11. The Information bulletin for the Inline Triathlon is now available on the page Program of this website.
10. The Inline Triathlon consists of Running, Inline and Kick bike races. The time schedule for the competition will follow later today. The competition is held at the same place as were the barbeque was held. 
9. Unfortunatelly we cannot hold tonight the clinic for the beginning officials as there are too less people to do this. We will contact for an other possibility.
8. Runners who do not yet have collected their race number will get this at the start of the mountain run. runners are requested to bring their own drinking bottles. Water is available half way and at finish.
7. The information and time schedule for the Mountainrun is now published on the Page Program of this website. Please check if you have the correct ticket for the Cable car and don't forget to bring your race number!
6. The composition of the groups in now published on the page program of this website.
5. The timeschedule for the ice training sessions for the whole week are now available on the page program of this website. The composition of the training groups will follow in a few hours.
4. On monday the mountain-run takes place. Entered skaters will get a free ticket for the Cable car. Recreational runners can buy a special discount ticket on saturday when entering for the event at the helpdesk. The cost of this ticket is 5,00 euro. Supporters can also buy a ticket at the helpdesk for the discount price of 9,00 euro. It is NOT possible to buy discount tickets on monday. Please check if you have free tickets for the Cable Car from your hotel-accommodation before coming to our helpdesk.
3. The Welcome Barbeque and official opening of the summercamp will also take place at the INLINE TRACK  of the Nordic Training centre outside Oberstdorf from 18.00-21.00 hr. (We request volunteers to help us with setting up starting from 12.00 hr)
2. The Check-in for the Summercamp will take place at the INLINE TRACK of the Nordic Training Centre outside Oberstdorf from 12.00-15.00 hr. During this period skaters can have their skates checked if they are o.k. You can find the address in the telephone list. There is a bus stop of public transport 100 meter away from the Inline track.
1. Welcome on the mobile website of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2018. On this place you will get all information about the program and urgent messages. Information will be updated daily. Entry on Shorttrackonline.info has closed now. Late entries can be done by E-mail jpbmob@live.com.