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   Last  update: 11-08-2019  -  01.00

Urgent messages

23. The 8th edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp has reached its end. We hope that you all enjoyed it. For next year we have reserved the Ice allready. The Summercamp then will take place from 01-08 August 2020. Hope to see you all back again. Have a nice and save journey home!
22. The Overall Classification for the Oberstdorf Summercamp Trophy, over all 3 events of the week is now published here.
21. The Overall Classification after the Mountain Run and Kick Bike Competition is now published here.
20. Tickets for the Closing Dinner of saturday evening are available untill saturday 12.00 o'clock. Please come to officials table and ask Andi. After 12.00 it is not possible anymore to get a ticket. Without a ticket you can not attend the Closing Dinner.
19. Results Kick Bike competition is published here.
18. Results Mountain Run Hofatsblick is now published here. Results Mountain Run SeeAlpe is now published here.
17. The Program and Time schedule for the shorttrack competition is now published on the page LIVE of the website shorttrackonline.info.
16. Who can help us as TRACK STEWARD during the competition? People who are not doing the competition and did bring their skates are requested to do this. Please send a message on jpbmob@live.com.
15. We need some volunteers to help us during the shorttrack competition for taking care of food and drinks for the competition officials. Please inform us if you want to help.
14. We need some volunteers to help us with making the start- and finishlines in the ice. This will be done thursday evening after the last training session in Hall-1.
13. Bulletin-3 Disk Golf is published now. Here you find all information for the sportive outdoor event what will take place on thursday on the football field next to the Ice rink. Everybody is requested to follow the time schedule as it is published.
12. All skaters have to return their red shirt with race-number on friday morning before the shorttrack competition starts and exchange it for the helmet cover with race number. Don't forget to bring your Race number!!!
11. The Triathlon will go ON. We will start at 10.00 with the Inline races. The Triathlon will start immidiately after this so all other skaters must be at the track at 10.30. As we will have rain in the afternoon we will speed up the program as much as possible.
10. The competition on wednesday is planned to be a separate Inline competition which does not count for the Overall classification and a Run-Kickbike competition which does count for the Overall classification. The competition takes place at the Skiflugschanze Oberstdorf, Zimmeroy 1, D-87561 Oberstdorf. This is 500 meter after the old location at the right side of the road. The competition will start at 10.00. Due to the weather we will decide at 09.00 o 'clock if the competition will take place or is cancelled. If the competition takes place we will start at 10.00 o'clock with the Inline and around 11.00 with the other events. We will put a message on this page at 09.05 to inform you.
9. Tuesday 19.00-20.30 hr a special clinic will be held for beginning Competitors Stewards. Here we will explain the basics of competition administration with our software Winsport. Attendants are requested to bring there notebook. During the clinic software will be installed for learning to do competition administration. The Clinic will take place in the backroom of restaurant Zoran. People who are interested and did not register on the list for this are requested to send an Email to jpbmob@live.com.
8. Due to the fact that many skaters did not enter for the Inline Triathlon (because they do not have Inline skates), the OC has decided to change the Inline Triathlon in a competition without Inline skating in the program.  The competition now will be for Running and Kick-bike. We made a list of skaters who did not enter for the Triathlon due to Inline and we ask these skaters to inform us if they now want to join in the Running and Kick-bike competition (which counts for the Overall classification of the Oberstdorf Summercamp Trophy. In Ice rink-3 a list is hanging on the wall: please fill in behind your name if you want to compete in the new format Triathlon on wednesday. Please do this before the end of monday evening training.
7. Attention: there is a mistake in the Ice Training Schedule on Tuesday morning in Rink-3. Group-5 must be Group-4.
6. Bulletin-2 Mountain Run with all information for the Mountain Run is published now on the page INFO and mobile website. Please come early with Cable Car starting from 08.30 hr every 10 minutes a Cable Car up to the Mountain.
5. Composition Training Groups is now published on the page INFO and mobile website. Please check your group because some changes have been made.
4. Bulletin-1 Registration and Barbeque with information about the Registration Process and barbeque for saturday 3 August 2019 is now available on the page INFO of the website Skatingonline.info.
3. Please don't forget to send in your individual Entry form as soon as possible.
2. The entry for the Summercamp is on full speed now. 164 skaters have entered uptill now. Don't forget that the entry closes on the 1st of July. If there are people you know who still want to enter then please tell them to do that before the closing date of the entry as we need to prepare a lot of things and make reservations in Oberstdorf.
1. Welcome on the mobile website of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2019. On this place you will get all information about the daily program and urgent messages. Entry for the summercamp can be done by the club secretary on the website: www.shorttrackonline.info.


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