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   Last  update: 10-08-2017  - 12.30 hr

Urgent messages

35. This is the last message of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2017. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Oberstdorf. In 2018 the summercamp will take place from saturday 4 August untill saturday 11 August. The Ice rink is happy to see us comming back. From now on all information will be written on the website www.skatingonline.info. Have a nice winter with many good competitions.
34. The Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp was very succesfull this year because of the support of many volunteers. We would like to thank all these volunteers for what they have done for our shorttrack skaters in Oberstdorf.
33. Is er nog iemand in Oberstdorf die iets mee terug kan nemen naar nederland? Stuur aub even een mailtje naar jpbmob@live .com
32. For the Closing dinner doors open at 20.00 hr, dinner starts 20.40 hr, award presentation around 21.40 hr. People who have no dinner ticket are not allowed in before 21.40 for the award presentation as their is NO extra space available.
33. We request everybody to help after the competition to clean up the whole ice rink as quick as possible. 66 Safety padding back to the other hall and the rest to the garage downstairs, helping with all equipment, cables etc. And please leave no empty bottles etc. on the floor behind.
32. Attention: tickets for the Closing Dinner must be ordered at the latest saturday at 12.00 hr.
31. Attention: we have found the wallet and ID-card of Simone Olivotto. Please come to the office at the Icerink.
30. Helmet covers and registration for juniors-D/E/F must be done friday starting at 14.00 hr. Registration for the elder categories must be done before 16.00 at the helpdesk in the ice rink.
29. Results Triathlon and Points after 2 events are now available on the page PROGRAM of skatingonline.info.
28. Are there any people available who could be track steward on friday in the first competition block with the kids which starts at 15.00 hr? In the 2nd block the skaters will stay on the ice for one more race to be track steward. Please send whatsapp or Email if you are availablle.
27. Extra tickets for Closing dinner can be bought on friday before the start of the competition at the icerink. If you don't have a ticket you cannot come into the restaurant before 21.45 for the award presentation.
26. Thursday evening at 22.20 hr we want to sett up all the safety padding for the competition. We request as much as possible volunteers to help us with this. The padding from the training rink also goes directly after the last training session from hall-2 directly on the ice of hall-1.
25. Composition Tubing Groups extra tickets for Tubing Erdinger Arena is now available on the page PROGRAM of skatingonline.info. All people who bought extra tickets for the Tubing are requested to go with the group as is published in this information or take a free place from the list.
24. The results of the mountainrun are now available on the page PROGRAM of skatingonline.
23. Info-bulletin Tubing Erdinger Arena with revised time schedule is now available on the page PROGRAM of skatingonline. The reserved extra tickets has to be collected at the Inline Triathlon before the first start. Extra tickets will go with the group in which family is going.
22. Info-bulletin Inline-Triathlon is now available on the page PROGRAM of skatingonline.
21. Tonight at 19.00 hr the clinic for beginning officials will take place at the Ice rink. If you are interested in the basics of jury functions and organising competitions you are welcome at this clinic.
20. We need more volunteers for measuring the competition-track on monday evening from 21.00-23.00 hr. Please come and help us.
19. Attention: take early Cable Car before 08.50 hr. to go up the mountain for the Mountainrun!
18. Recreational runners for the Mountainrun are requested to come to the office at the Icerink sunday evening  between 19.00-19.30 hr.
17. People who did not register yet for the summercamp are requested to come to the office at the Ice rink sunday evening between 19.00-19.30 hr.
16. Info-bulletin Mountainrun is now available on the page PROGRAM of skatingonline.info.
15. Info-bulletin nr 1 of saturday 29-07-2017 has been published now on the page PROGRAM of www.skatingonline.info.
14.  The skaters of group-5 are requested by the trainer to be present at the Ice rink 45 minutes before the training session starts for warming up.
13. We need volunteers to help us with setting up the Welcome barbeque starting from 14.00 hr.
12. The Welcome barbeque and official opening of the summercamp will take place at the Inline track of the Nordic Training centre outside Oberstdorf from 18.00-21.00 hr.
11. Check in will take place in the Ice rink restaurant of ZORAN from 12.00 - 16.00 hr.
10. Welcome in Oberstdorf for the 6th edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp.
9. It is not possible anymore to order for extra tickets for the Closing Dinner as all space in the restaurant has been used. During the week we will overlook if places come free due to withdraw of people.
8.  Entry for the summercamp is closed now. Withdrawel of skaters or ordering extra tickets can from now on only be done by Email (see announcement).
7. We request everybody to enter as quick as possible the extra tickets for the Welcome Barbeque. Please check very good if no tickets are ordered double in case of orders by Email.
6. If a skater is withdrawn and family of the skater has asked for extra tickets for Welcome barbeque and/or closing dinner, then please also correct this number of extra tickets or inform us about this by Email.
5. Entry on Shorttrackonline.info has closed now. Late entries can only be done now by E-mail (see announcement).
4. Please check if you have entered all the extra tickets you need (seperate from the entered skaters) for  Welcome Barbeque, Mountainrun Lunch and Closing dinner.
3. Entry will close on monday july 10th 2017 at 24.00 hr.
2. On this place you will get all information about the program and urgent messages. Information will be updated daily starting from end of june.
1. Welcome on the mobile website of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2017.