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  Entry Summercamp on full speed
01-04-2019. The entry for the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp is on full speed now. 80 skaters from 11 clubs out of 7 countries have been entered allready. Among them our old shorttrack friends from Canada and new skaters from Norway. Clubs are requested not to wait too long for entry as the maximum number of skaters to enter is 200!
  Entry Summercamp open
01-01-2019. The entry for the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp 2019 is open now. Skaters can be entered by the secretary of the club in the same way as skaters normally are entered for competitions. Announcement and entry can be found on the page ENTRY of the website
  For who is the summercamp
01-12-2018. Participation in the summercamp and shorttrack competition is open to  Juniors-ABCDEF, Seniors and Masters. All skaters must be a member of a club affiliated to their National Skating Association (member of the ISU) in their own country, have a licence and insurance for the upcoming season. Attending skaters must have training and basic competition expirience. The Summercamp is NOT for beginning skaters who have to learn to skate.
  Summercamp program
01-11-2018. For the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp skaters from all over the world are invited. There will be Ice training every evening and extra Ice training on 3 days during the morning. Besides this a Welcome Barbeque, Mountain Run, Inline Triathlon, a sportive Outdoor event, a two days Shorttrack competition and a Closing dinner is held.
Date Summercamp 2019
01-10-2018. The 8th edition of the Oberstdorf Shorttrack Summercamp will be held from 3 to 10 August 2019. The summercamp is organized by the volunteers of the website and the Amsterdam Skating Club Jaap Eden, supported by the Eissportclub Oberstdorf and the Sports Office Oberstdorf.


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